What bike to choose?

How To Choose A Single Speed Bike

What bike to choose?Are you new to the world of bikes? Or having a hard time choosing what bike will perform best and match your body, style, and comfort?

If you really find yourself having this serious concern in choosing the best bike for you to have, loosen that worry now and look here at the most helpful tips you will find.

When you know it yourself that you run bikes just for the sake of exercise, relaxation, or just a family bonding, the single speed bike will do things just right. Here are some suggestions you might want to consider.

If you don’t know it yet, when you come up with the term, single speed bikes in relation to your bicycle, this is bringing you the purest and the simplest form of cycling.

This type of bike is the best buy when you would like to have something just for you to either commute, exercise, or make it just a hobby of road tripping every afternoon for some fresh air. The very significance of this bike is that, it is made with lighter materials, probably cheaper than any other, simple and is a user friendly even for beginners.

  1. The first thing that you need to consider of course is your budget, you must check the pricelist and the ranges depending on which kind and specifications you can afford to buy. Yet, there are a lot of people opting just to build or even convert their bikes to the single speeds and this is the most practical to do so.
  2. You may also choose to have the combined type such as with the materials from the high end bikes that are being mixed with the components of some vintage bikes, the result is really pleasing yet this is quite a price, for the reason that they have both the authentic materials and the high ends and you will be required more to shop by some specialty sites of bikes rather than with the ordinary. Good thing all of these are available online so you got no reason not to be able to have them.
  3. Yet, after all you could probably choose a brand new for your very own reasons. Yet, this would be the most expensive of all but anyways, the quality is satisfying. Another good thing about this is that, the parts are already complete in a package, so there will be no longer for you to shop with separate stores and shops.

If you really have no knowledge at all, it’s best for you to check things out with shop owners and attendants so that they could explain everything to you.

The cheapest way of knowing things related with this is through live chat with customer service people in the internet that will divulge to you useful information in real time so that you can decide more firmly about what you really want to buy, that way, you will be saving time and gas from visiting all the shops.


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Image of bike

Choosing The Best Bike

Image of bikeMany people consider getting a bicycle because they want to get on and ride.

However, most people are not aware about how to choose the right bicycle for them, and mos end up getting the wrong kind such as one that is the wrong height or weight etc.

This article will talk about how to choose the right bicycle for your own body shape and riding style, and will hopefully provide some valuable tips on how to get riding!

City bike vs Mountain bike

Although bike shops may tell you differently (after all most just want to sell you something), the best choices for a bike are often a city bike or a hybrid.

Of course this depends on what type of cycling you want to do which I will discuss in other articles, but a city bike is great for most.

Basically, they are bicycles of the type that is somewhere between a mountain bike and a road bike.

A city bike such a single speed (fixie) or hybrid, is made to use regularly around town in tight situations, or other general use.

Mountain bikes however, are exactly as their name implies and what you imagine them to be. They are intended for going off road and over some pretty rough stuff, and can be quite unnecessary if just pootling around town because of their big, fat tires increasing friction and overall maintenance.

Seat (or saddle) & other parts to look out for

Once you have decided on the sort of bike you are after and that suits your needs; it is extremely important to choose a bike with the correct saddle… a comfortable seat.

Handlebars that will allow you to maintain an upright position is really important so as not to get some serious back strain.

Another great idea to encourage use of your new bike, would be to include a rack a basket or even some fenders to hold things. This means that you will think about using your bike for daily chores, as well as exercise!

Get the correct fit

Now that you know some of the things to look for when investing in a new bike; you need to make sure the bike fits your body shape.

You can do this by standing over the frame of the bicycle to make sure you clear the middle bar (cross bar), by at least an inch.

Most bicycle seats can be adjusted so your knees will be slightly bent when the pedal is at it’s lowest point. If there is too much movement in your hips going side to side when you are riding, the seat is too most likely too high.

You may need to adjust the seat and bring it down a small amount. Most bike shops will actually help to set your bike up when you are in the shop as part of the buying experience.

When you decide to take the plunge and buy your new bike, there are a dizzying array of options and extras that you can have a look at and decide on what is best to buy. You should use your judgment here because some extras are really great and necessary whilst other are really just trash and designed to part your from your money.

Toe clips are one such option which are designed to keep your feet in place, in constant contact with the pedals that will mean that you are propelling your bike forward on both the downward stroke and the upward one too.

However they are only necessary if you are really a bit of a die hard cyclist ( which I hope you will become because it is really f a lot of fun!), but for most people you will not need these things.


Well to wrap it up, I hop that you now know some information about how to choose and set up your bike. I will follow this post up with some more details soon enough.

Until then…happy cycling friends :)

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